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12 12+00:00 October 12+00:00 2023 / 20:00

This biopic that tells the inspiring story of Marinette Pichon, who is considered the greatest female football player in French history. A passionate footballer since childhood, and encouraged by the local coach, Marinette showed her ability in a boys’ club, but was forced leave at the age of 16 due to federation rules.
A pioneer of French women’s football, Marinette Pichon held the French national team (men and women combined) record for goals and caps for almost two decades. Based on her autobiography ‘I Will Not Give Up’, Marinette follows Pichon’s struggle to raise awareness about women’s rights in sport. The film traces her life, from a childhood devastated by an alcoholic and violent father to the decision to come out at a time when LGBTQ+ rights were not recognised.

Virginie Verrier
France, 2023
96 minutes

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12 12+00:00 October 12+00:00 2023


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