Tigrar tells the story of Inter Milan’s child prodigy Martin Bengtsson. Based on the player’s own autobiography, it deals with the consequences of mental illness in sport. At the age of 16, Bengtsson was one of Sweden’s most promising football stars, but he was unaware of the price he had to pay to make his dream come true.

The protagonist of the story, Martin Bengtsson, was at Thinking and spoke about the film “Tigrar”:

“It is definitely a story that I hope will contribute to the debate about mental health in football. But it is also an artistic work that shows the journey of a young person. A journey that tells not only about his first success, but also about his first love and so on. A film about football, but also a film about the process of maturing as a young person, of finding yourself and growing up”.

Ronnie Sandahl
Sweden, 2021
116 minutes