Mugu is one of the less developed regions of the western part of Nepal. In 2011, ninety percent of women were illiterate and the situation has not changed much. Sunakali narrates the arduous way of the Muguhasta women’s football team to reach the national championship, where girls will have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. Sunakali is being screened in Thinking Football at the hand of the Mendifilm Festival of Bilbao.

  • Director:
    Bhojraj Bhat
  • Original title:
  • Release Year:
  • Country:
  • Duration:
    51 minutes
  • Awards:
    Global Sport Media Pearl Awards - Abu Dhabi, BILBAO MENDI FILM FESTIVAL 2015, Mountain & Adventure Film Festival 2016 - USA, Thinking Football Film Festival 2016 - Spain, 7th FOOTBALL FILM FESTIVAL- Brazil