Nossa Chape

Directed by the Zimbalist brothers, this documentary traces the reconstruction of the Chapecoense football club in Brazil after a plane crash killed most of the club’s players and staff on November 28, 2016, leaving only six survivors. The documentary looks at the many challenges facing the community after the tragedy through exclusive access to the families of the deceased, the new team, the three players recovering from their injuries and members of the club’s board. The city is split by the desire to respect the memory of the deceased and at the same time wanting to keep the club going. “Nossa Chape” explores how tensions crop up between players when the initial results are not as expected, how those who did not get on the plane deal with their sense of guilt, how every member of the community has their own way of dealing with the tragedy, and asks us at what point the desire to move forward crosses the line and becomes a lack of respect for the club’s values and the legacy of the deceased.

  • Director:
    Jeff and Michael Zimbalist
  • Original title:
    Nossa Chape
  • Release Year:
  • Country:
  • Duration:
    101 minutes
  • Projection date:
    18-03-2018 - 19:00