Men in the Arena

The unforgettable story of two friends in the Somali National Football Team who are pursuing their dreams against all odds. For the world they evoke images of terror, for their compatriots they are transforming sportsmen, for their families they are a lifeline. Saadiq and Sa’ad share a dream to inspire their compatriots through their sport, football. It is a story of survival, of human rights and at the same time a rare sporting journey. The story of Somalia captured through the eyes of these two friends over their journey. What happens to them is nothing short of miraculous...

  • Director:
    J.R. Biersmith
  • Original title:
    Men in the Arena
  • Release Year:
  • Country:
    USA / Djibouti / Kenya / Somalia
  • Duration:
    85 minutes
  • Projection date:
    22-03-2019 - 18:00