Football for Better or for Worse

Documentary about FC Rosengård, one of the best women’s football teams in the world. The film follows the team, on and off the field, in their daily lives and in their struggle to survive a difficult economic situation. It introduces us to the new life of Therese, the club’s new sports director, a former player in the team and an icon of Swedish women’s football. We see how she deals with becoming the boss of her old team-mates and how she handles the different tasks of her new position. We also witness the frustration of the club’s general manager at the unequal way in which UEFA divides up financial allocations between men’s and women’s football. And the concern of Marta, voted the best female footballer in the world for 5 years in a row, but with an uncertain financial future when she finishes her sports career. The documentary explores the inherent struggle of women’s football, as its conditions have a lot to do with the structures of our society. Perhaps in the end, it all boils down to a gender issue.

  • Director:
    Inger Molin
  • Original title:
    Football for Better or for Worse
  • Release Year:
  • Country:
    Sweden / Germany / United Kingdom
  • Duration:
    72 minutes
  • Projection date:
    20-03-2019 - 20:00