Thinking Football, third day


Tomorrow, 20 March, sees the third day of the Thinking Football Film Festival, organised by the Fundación Athletic Club and the Sala BBK, with Euskaltel as the main sponsor.

The film Barba, cabello e bigode (Brazil, 2016) by Lucio Branco, will be shown at 18:00. This tells the story of Afonsinho, Paulo Cézar Caju and Nei Conceição who started their football careers in the mid-1960s, an historic moment with a strong political repercussion in Brazil. Colleagues in a golden generation of Botafogo, they decided not to forego their freedom when the Brazilian dictatorship tried to enter the field of play as well. When the clubs’ routine began to be governed by the same codes that repressed civil society, these three players faced the imposition by the clubs of a certain manner of being in the law of transfers, the concentration regimes, control of the players’ activities off the field, etc. After that, the three players deliberately practiced civil disobedience.

Later, at 20:00, the short film Sur la touche (France, 2014, Hortense Gélinet) will be shown, awarded as the best short film in the 11 mm Festival in Berlin in 2016.

And after this, Inside Haiti (Belgium, 2017, Benoit Do Quang) which narrates how the Haiti national selection was classified for the Centennial Cup America. Comprising mostly amateur players, it was without doubt the most modest team in the tournament. In addition, the team was drawn against Brazil. Inside Haiti takes the viewer into the changing room of a team that was proud to return to the international panorama while aware that its goal was not final victory but one more step towards the recovery of a country with a recent tragic past.

After the film, the Haitian international Duckens Nazon will talk with the audience, accompanied by the film’s producers, François Vevereen and Thomas Bricmont. All the screenings are in the Sala BBK with free entry up to capacity.

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