Sunakali Budha and Bhojraj Bhat are coming to Bilbao


Sunakali Budha and Bhojraj Bhat, the protagonist and director respectively of the winning film at the 2016 edition of the Thinking Football Film Festival, "Sunakali", will be in Bilbao to collect the award at the inauguration of the 2017 edition on March 13 at 7:00 pm at Sala BBK.

Earlier, during the morning, 430 students from schools, colleges and ikastolas in Bilbao will attend a private screening of the film, after which they will be able to talk with Sunakali Budha and Bhojraj Bhat. The event will be presented by Kike Amonarriz, who will also present the money raised by the ETB programme Burubero, as a donation to the social project that Bhojraj Bhat is running in Mugu, one of the least developed areas of Nepal.

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