Close of Thinking Football


Today, Tuesday 20 March, the 2018 edition of the Thinking Football Film Festival will come to a close at Sala BBK. It will end with a screening of Forbidden Games (Adam Darke and Jon Carey, 2018), a documentary film that covers the life of Justin Fashanu, the first footballer to publicly declare his homosexuality, who committed suicide in 1998 after a career full of ups and downs and controversies. The film sheds light on the key facts of Justin Fashanu’s life, exploring his battle against racial and sexual prejudice in football, while putting forward the idea that not everyone is ready for the fame and premature wealth that football sometimes provides.

After the screening of the film, the directors of the film will chat with the audience at the cinema.

Before the screening of Forbidden Games, Iragartze, a short documentary by Irene Herrero del Valle produced by Euskaltel, will be premièred, after winning the first Thinking Football competition for video creation projects in Basque. Iragartze is a window on the daily life of referee and nurse Iragartze Fernández Esesumaga. Irene Herrero del Valle will receive the award from Nerea Lupardo, Director of Institutional Relations at Euskaltel.

All screenings will have free entrance until all seats are full.

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