Due Piedi Sinistri

In a Rome neighbourhood, twelve year-old Mirko is playing football with his friends. When the ball runs off the playing field, he talks to Luana who is sitting behind a wall. They agree to go for a drink, but everything goes wrong when Mirko sees her wheelchair. "Two Left Feet" is a wonderful lesson in the diversity that comes to the Thinking Football Film Festival after being awarded at several festivals.

  • Director:
    Isabella Salvetti
  • Original title:
    Due piedi sinistri
  • Release Year:
  • Country:
  • Duration:
    6 minutes
  • Awards:

    Globo d´oro 2015, 11º Orlando Film Festival, 61º Cork Film Festival Official Selection, 11º Los Angeles Int´l Child

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  • Projection date:
    14-03-2017 - 20:00
  • Sala BBK
  • Euskaltel
  • BCD Travel
  • Melia Bilbao
  • Comunitac
  • 11mm
  • Cinemania
  • Loraldia
  • Metro Bilbao
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  • Cinefoot
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